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Flavorful Indian Cuisine

Tikka Masala is inspired by regional North Indian, Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines, at the Tikka Masala a mix of ethnic culinary styles has been recreated for food connoisseurs by Chefs flown in from India. Cuisines ranging from Mughlai, Nawabi to fiery extreme frontier, cooked with the finest herbs and spices, ensure that every morsel is redolent with a great aroma and flavour.

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Good Food

We have something for everyone.

With lunch, lightly on a roomali roti rolls, authentic curries, aromatic biryanis and small plates or linger with a feast. Then refresh afternoon tea with a drop of Masala Chai and a plate of Samosa, Pakoda or just enjoy hot Pao Bhaji. Dine early or dine late or just join us for a sensational cocktail with Tandoori kababs, tikkas & freshly made naans & curries. Then you could always take the “Tikka Masala’s Tasting Journey” and experience the full range of flavors.

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naans and curries interior

Cuisines ranging from Mughlai, Nawabi to fiery extreme frontier

Good Food

Our Team

From his hard-working days as a trainee at the Taj Group of Hotels in India, Chef Pravesh has never shied away from his responsibility of showcasing Indian cuisine at international forums.

After completing catering college in his hometown Gwalior, in the central region of India, he joined the renowned Ayurvedic Resort “Ananda in the Himalayas”, a role in which he was able to hone his basic skills and knowledge of Indian cuisine with Ayurvedic cooking principles. He then moved to the Taj Group where he enhanced his skill set to become the chef in charge of its flagship restaurants for many years.

In 2008, He came to Central America and joined Intercontinental Group in Costa Rica and Guatemala as Executive Chef, working and polishing his culinary skills every day. Having many years’ experience in the industry and having worked with top chefs at world-renowned hotels and restaurants, he excelled in the finest culinary techniques, being a part of premier food and beverage operations in Asia, Europe, and America and serving heads of state, movie stars, political and sports personalities.

Chef Pravesh had the opportunity to serve many eminent dignitaries like Prime Minister of India, President of India, Vice President of India, US President Mr. Barack Obama during his visit to Costa Rica, Hollywood celebrities like Will Smith, Mel Gibson, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, among many others. Recalling his experiences, he mentions, “It was fascinating to serve Mr. Barack Obama as he loved our cuisine. In fact, everyone has always appreciated Indian cuisine and indulged in the local delicacies. “We make sure that our menu has options which give our clients a proper outlook of Indian dishes.” With a Masters diploma in Food and Beverage Management from Cornell University, New York, he is an active member of the Association of Hospitality Professionals for Chefs and Latin Americas Culinary Forum. For the past 20 years in the industry, he has mentored and trained several chefs who have now established international restaurants and have promoted Indian cuisine.

Pravesh Kumar
Executive Chef

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    Guatemela City